Diving into a fascinating and vastly overlooked personality trait essential to successful entrepreneurship

A trait I keep seeing when observing successful entrepreneurs, as well as in my own previous successful undertakings, is spontaneity.
Casually said, the ability to not give a damn. Not a single one given to what people think about your project, none about the financial success, and zero to how it might / might not affect your career.
Success happens when one takes the shortest path between a genuine, conviction-led idea and its execution. When the rest is seen as noise.
Easier said than done, as side-thoughts are the main blockers from taking action, for inexperienced and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.
The rookie entrepreneur is more often that not guilty of "analysis paralysis". They lose themselves in a sea of business plans, magical 48 hours "masterclasses", metric tons of podcasts, ongoing wealthy uncle advice, and end up drowning in disillusion ocean.
It doesn't get much better for seasoned entrepreneurs. Here, your past often becomes a weight rather than a propeller. You have something to prove. Can you still do it? Ego gets in the way. You overanalyse. You've been there, done that, so you want to leave no blind spot uncleared. In the end, you just care too much, you strive to maximise the financial outcome per hours spent (as you get to an age where you start to become aware of the scarcity of time as a value). In short, you lose your innocence, your spontaneity. You have more financial dry powder to throw at problems so it might be hard to see, but if it doesn't feel right, it's probably not spontaneous enough.


We all come across those cheesy Twitter accounts with overly generic advice, and once in a while, a lifetime of experience brings you back to the exact same conclusion than a 14 year old meme maker. "Keep it fun, keep it light"